Flooding Can Leave You in Hot Water

Flooding Can Leave You in Hot Water

Reverse the damage with water damage restoration in Woodbridge, VA

Water is fun at the beach and the lake, but it can wreak havoc inside your home. If your home has been damaged by a flood or fire, Capital Restoration, Inc. can help you restore it. We offer water and fire damage restoration services in Woodbridge, Virginia. When you reach out to us, an estimator from our team will visit your home or business to evaluate your situation. You'll receive a free estimate before we get to work.

Get a free estimate on water or fire damage restoration from Capital Restoration in Woodbridge, Virginia today.

How severe is your flooding?

How bad is your basement flooding? Most water damage restoration professionals divide home flooding into three categories based on severity. We can evaluate your situation using equipment like moisture readers. Then, we'll categorize your flood as one of the following:

  • Category one-fresh water flooding caused by a burst pipe
  • Category two-black water flooding caused by an overflowing toilet
  • Category three-flooding that fills your entire home caused by a natural disaster

We'll use equipment like dehumidifiers to dry out your space and work to save your carpet, flooring and drywall. Your home will feel dry and comfortable once again. Call 703-490-2490 now to schedule a water damage restoration service.

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